RedTree Tattoo Gallery was bound to set it’s roots and blossom, seeing that it’s very roots come from Columbus, Ohio’s own legendary tattoo artist Durb Morrison. Durb comes from a long line of historic tattoo artists that claimed Columbus, Ohio as their home. Durb opened his first tattoo studio back in 1994, where he changed the tattoo world in Columbus, Ohio by bringing what he had learned from his early times traveling the country and tattooing next to many legendary tattoo artists where he not only learned the art form but he also learned the business side of the art, which he has went on to do many innovative and historic things with.

While Durb was operating his first tattoo studios he was also hard work developing the Hell City Tattoo Festival in his hometown of Columbus Ohio as well, which has went on to become one of “America’s Favorite Tattoo Festival”. He later sold both of his first tattoo studios and went on to tattoo privately while he continued working on Hell City and also began working on his next project of innovative tattoo products called True Tubes and also True Grips. After tattooing privately for nearly 7 years, Durb was eager to open his newest studio RedTree Tattoo Gallery where he had the concept for an all custom studio with talented artists that was also a private studio so that he and his tattoo artists could simply focus on their tattooing and not be interrupted by the everyday walk in traffic that often distracts the busy tattoo artist while trying to create their tattoos.

RedTree Tattoo Gallery is an all disposable, private, appointment and consultation only, Tattoo and Art Gallery, located in Italian Village, bordering the arts district downtown Columbus, Ohio, featuring world-class tattoo artists, painters and various guest artists that travel through to work out of RedTree. Each artist at RedTree focuses on producing custom, one of a kind tattoos, unique to their own style. This unique format for a studio like RedTree Tattoo Gallery was never seen in Columbus, Ohio and has proven to be a winning formula, not only for Durb himself, but also for his talented crew of tattoo artists that are constantly excelling at their tattooing and art due to this focused format of a private tattoo studio like RedTree. RedTree also hosts many guest artists as well as paint nights with the local tattoo and art community and has hosted painting and tattoo seminars, flash days and various charity drive tattoo days to name a few.

The crew of RedTree Tattoo Gallery consists of Durb Morrison, Nathan Marti, Rusty Dornhecker, Toby Gehrlich, Fawn Baker, and Cervena Fox with an amazing team of studio managers behind the entire operations as well. At RedTree, each tattoo artist has their own unique style, giving clients their choice of which artist they’d like to get tattooed by in what style they are seeking. The variety of styles at RedTree allows each artist the chance to build a solid foundation for the type of tattooing they want to focus on while excelling in a private studio atmosphere.

The Talented collection of tattoo artists that form the branches of RedTree Tattoo Gallery are Durb Morrison who has a strong new-school traditional style combined with the rich color choices that make a great painterly traditional style that are sought after by many tattoo collectors worldwide. Durb can be found many days at RedTree continuing a large tattoo session with a client, or working on organizing the Hell City Tattoo Festivals or working on his numerous True Tattoo Supply projects.

Yet another prodigy tattoo artist at RedTree is Nathan Marti, who is primarily a black and grey tattoo artist that focuses on dark subject matter with bio-organic influence incorporated. Nathan discovers most of his reference through nature and imagination when conceptualizing. His tattoos and fine art are that of a well thought out mastermind of texture and various special effects that make his style incredibly unique.

Another hard working talented artist at RedTree is Rusty Dornhecker, who focuses on a variety of styles including black and grey realism, biomech and American traditional tattooing. Rusty started tattooing in 1994 originally, but took a hiatus from tattooing and went to art school for photography and design. For 15 years, he worked as an Art Director for a major company and manager for the Hell City Tattoo Festival and True Tubes. Rusty has also produced and directed the award winning Hell City Tattoo Festival Documentary Film. He has since moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2013 to begin his new apprenticeship under Durb at RedTree Tattoo Gallery. Rusty has been a full time artist ever since at RedTree Tattoo Gallery and has a vast clientele at RedTree nowadays.

Toby Gehrlich is a soft-spoken guy that lets his tattooing do all the talking. Toby Gehrlich is a refined oil painter that brings his rich talents to the skin as a resident artist and part of the talented crew of RedTree Tattoo Gallery. Toby enjoys working in many mediums of art and consistently creates smooth and flowing images on skin as well as with oils on canvas. Toby grew up on the outskirts of the village Botkins, just 50 miles north of Dayton, Ohio. Spending countless hours in the woods surrounding his home, Toby formed an imaginary world that has influenced his artwork even to this day. Toby began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Only interested in graphite or black and gray drawing as a kid Toby, after long encouragement from his parents, picked up painting in acrylics at the age of 20. In 2000, an opportunity arose in the form of an apprenticeship in tattooing. Toby jumped at the chance and soon found himself tattooing full-time out of a small shop in Wapakoneta. After spending a year and a half in that first shop, Toby thought it time to move forward to larger opportunities. He has recently moved back to Columbus and has had the pleasure to work alongside great artists in Columbus’s premier tattoo shop. When Toby isn’t officially on the clock, he’s working to perfect his art in all aspects or working on paintings for his personal art shows as well as various art shows that he exhibits his work in around the world. Be sure to check out his portfolio on the RedTree website and contact him to begin your next tattoo project!

Fawn Baker

Cervena Fox tattoos alongside the RedTree Tattoo Crew where she has a variety of clients travel from far to collect a piece from the beautiful artist. She has a simple and clean traditional style that embodies her love of witchcraft which she casts her tattoo designs from. Her bold and colorful designs and artwork are recognized from across the room with their solid, bright colors and readability from afar. Cervena Fox is also an international model and fire performer which fuels her worldly travels where she continues to spread her tattoos worldwide.

RedTree is a clean, friendly, appointment and consultation only, all disposable tattoo studio and art gallery that is always offering guest artists who are traveling around the country a studio to comfortably work from. RedTree exudes a relaxing, warm and classy studio with an open environment that makes the energy of the studio feel receptive, conversational and inviting. The signage at the tattoo gallery is also very minimalist and does not say “tattoo” on the storefront anywhere. “If you know, then you know”, says Durb. Once inside RedTree, the studio gives the client and artists a very sleek and professional look and feel of relaxation and creativity with all the original fine art hanging on the walls and in the artists portfolios. Be sure to check out all the amazing artists, see photos and videos and more at the RedTree website at:

To set an appointment with our artists or guest artists, be sure to email artists individually or @ Thank you!



*Guest Artists! RedTree Tattoo Gallery is offering guest artists who are traveling around the country or simply passing through the artistically beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio a clean, friendly, appointment only, all disposable tattoo studio and art gallery to comfortably work from.

RedTree is looking for talented tattoo artists with strong portfolios and clientele upon arriving for their guest spot. Artists must also have all Blood Bourne & Health Certifications to be considered. If you are traveling through Columbus, Ohio and would like to guest spot at RedTree, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please apply for your guest spot at RedTree Tattoo Gallery with this info: Name: Website: Contact #: Dates looking to guest spot: *Health Certifications? : Y/N

Hyatt Regency Downtown – Cols., OH * 1/4 mile from studio
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