2020 Guest Artists

Guest Artists coming to RedTree Tattoo Gallery - 2020

Kris Kocha - March 26 - 30th

“Kocha” is a Tattoo Artist originally from the United States, currently living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. He has worked in England, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. Books, art, music (especially Metal and Hard Rock) and time spent in the military are major influences in his life. Kocha loves his artwork to tell a story and especially enjoys creating Etching style, Dotwork, Watercolor, avant-garde, “Old School” Traditional tattoos, Neo-Traditional, and anything bold or graphic.

Ty McEwan - April 20-21-22

Ty is based at The Blind Tiger in Phoenix, Arizona. He spends a lot of time hiking and being in the outdoors, which directly inspires his artwork. Most of which is bio organic-biomech.

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Brian Geckle - April 21-22 & 27th, 2020

Brian is based at Flower Of Life Studios in Denver, Colorado. He really enjoys tattooing all different types of designs. Typically he tries to take on larger scale/multi-session projects with serious clients and always loves mandalas, dot work, and bio-mechanical/bio-organic projects.

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JOSH PAYNE - April 27th, 2020

Been tattooing 15 Years.
Contestant on Ink Master season ten