Cory Wasmund

Cory Wasmund

Cory here! I am a Columbus based, custom tattoo artist who specializes in bold color and geometric designs with Neo-Traditional flare.

My unique sense of humor welcomes any and all pop culture icons and silly metaphors.

Yes, let’s tattoo a pink dolphin riding a unicorn!

My affinity for the natural world is apparent in my artwork. Naturally my favorite color is green, which is why the leaves in the tattoos are one of my favorite parts!

Originally from Marietta, Ohio where I began my tattoo career, I am now a resident artist at Red Tree Tattoo Gallery, located in Columbus Ohio.

 Stained glass artist, painter, and dog lover are some of my other titles! Check out my stained-glass pieces here!

When I am not in the tattoo studio, I am usually out mushroom hunting in the woods or at home cuddled up with my two fur babes, Luna and Maple.

My books are always open and I always welcome new clientele with fresh ideas.

Looking forward to working with you!

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