Non-Laser Tattoo Removal


“Tatt2Away® non-laser Tattoo Removal, The New Standard of Care, coming soon to RedTree Gallery”

Now customers seeking tattoo removal or editing will have a brand new option available to them in Central Ohio. Columbus, Ohio's very own RedTree Tattoo Gallery will begin offering an option to the pain of tattoo removal by utilizing Tatt2Away in their studio. Stay tuned to Social Media for updates and click here for consultations and more information.

Until now, customers who wanted a change in their tattoo had to be referred outside the studio for lightening or removal of their tattoo. Now Tatt2Away allows the technician and the client to be in complete control of the artistic process from modification or removal of the tattoo, to replacing with new art in a seamless process for both the artist and the customer. This also allows for a much broader selection of cover-ups since the artist and customer can work together on “what they want” instead of dealing with the limitations of “what they have to work with”.

The first question you probably have is "How does it work?" Keep reading below to find out more!


 The New Standard of Care


Easy Tattoo Removal

Change your art to keep up with your ever-changing life. Whether you want to modify your existing tattoo or have it removed completely, RedTree Tattoo is here to help! Our non-laser, natural and organic Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal Treatment expels every pigment of color and gives amazing results. Read on to learn more about our tattoo removal services!

Why You Should Opt for Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal utilizes pulses of light to heat up the subdermal pigment and break it into smaller particles that are carried off into the body by white blood cells. Calling laser treatment “removal” is really overstated, as it only drives ink deeper into your body, not truly removing it.

Some colors are more easily affected by laser treatment than others; the most challenging are whites, pinks, blues, yellows and purples. Colors like yellow #7 are known to break down into toxins that can find their way to the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, kidneys, liver and spleen.

Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Tatt2Away® Tattoo Removal Consultation

To begin your tattoo removal process, you’ll meet with our Tatt2Away-certified technician to discuss a plan of attack for your tattoo removal. You’ll discuss options of how many sessions, your desire for complete removal or editing for a cover-up, all determined by the size of your tattoo, the complexity of the artwork as well as the location of your tattoo. Most sessions can be completed in 30-45 minute appointments and will usually require 3 treatments to get the desired result - 1st session, 2nd session 10 weeks later and 3rd session another 10 weeks later. 

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Your Tatt2Away-certified technician will build a template stencil. Using the TEPR ® (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release ) technique and the TEPRSOL solution is what makes Tatt2Away a unique and completely harmless system for tattoo removal.
Using the template will minimize scarring and with proper healing, should remove nearly all the ink from the area. Our systems are patented by Rejuvatek Medical expressly for Tatt2Away®.

Tattoo Removal Process
Using equipment similar to a tattoo machine, the technician applies the solution in 5mm patches following the template developed. This process breaks down the ink pigments of your tattoo and basically pulls the ink from your skin as it scabs.

When the scab falls off, so does the ink - removing your tattoo. In order to maintain a healthy healing process, your technician will treat small areas at a time. This process continues until your entire tattoo is treated and removed.

Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Your tattoo removal process might not be as painful as receiving the tattoo. You decide your comfort level and pain threshold. Working in small sections, the Tatt2Away-certified technician will be able to work with your pace and adjust your plan as necessary to maximize your comfort level.
The TEPR® technique works with your own body's natural healing abilities to basically reject your tattoo ink when the scab is formed. The ink is actually being removed from your body.

What to Expect From Your Natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Just like you had to care for your original tattoo, the removal of your tattoo requires similar aftercare treatments. You'll need to keep the treated areas clean and out of the sun between your sessions in order to achieve the best possible results.

The Tatt2Away tattoo removal system uses saline, which our bodies produce to heal. The solution goes right to where pigment is, makes a pocket underneath the ink, pushes ink out and forms a scab. The ink is in the scab.

The skin turns pinkish after the treatment. Don’t be alarmed as the color will eventually return to the tone of your skin. Your Tatt2Away technician will review the instructions with you after each procedure to ensure your desired outcome.
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