Why 614 Tattoo Removal vs. Laser?

When is $250 more affordable than $100?  When you’re comparing 614 Tattoo Removal to laser tattoo removal, sometimes what appears to be advantageous by price is actually more expensive in the long run.  Consumers who don’t understand the factors behind price difference wind up with an expensive lesson in value.   If you went cheap on the tattoo, don’t compound it by going cheap on the removal.

Not so ironically, two frequent candidate groups for removal are those who decided to get the name of their significant other and people who didn’t plan their tattoos well. They either got tattooed on impulse or had the work done at a $10-tattoo-Tuesday type shop prone to offering discounts, deals, and flash.  Bad art or a bad artist is often a silent part of the package, not evident until it’s too late.

Good tattoos aren't cheap, cheap tattoos aren't good!


  • 614 Tattoo Removal  treatment price is assessed during an in-person consultation and is based on the tattoo you want fully or partially removed.       
  • At $100 per treatment, laser would seem the much better option, until the person has shown up for multiple sessions, paid $500 or more, and their 2” x 3” tattoo looks exactly as it did before they began.  Laser removal frequently takes eight to twelve sessions, not to remove the ink, but only to lighten it and push pigment into your body.  The ink is not removed from your body, but stored in the lymph nodes and liver.  Tatt2Away fully removes the ink from the body.



  • 614 Tattoo Removal system is not color-centric.   The process, therefore, removes all colors equally well in the same manner.  This includes inks that are composed of multiple pigments, carriers or compounds.  It also includes multiple-layer coverups.  The process brings the ink to the surface of the skin, encompasses it into an ink scab, which then falls off and is replaced by the normal skin.  The ink is gone, as in, “no longer in the body”.
  • Laser is a color-centric removal process, which is partially why it’s expensive, painful, and ineffective.   Consumers, however, make assumptions about the effectiveness and credibility of laser removal, rarely educating themselves prior to undergoing the process. If a color requires a specific laser wavelength to be absorbed, even assuming a laser treatment location has multiple wavelengths for multiple colors, and if each color requires multiple treatments, how inexpensive is that $100 laser session now?



  • Removal hurts about as much – or as little – as being tattooed.
  • Laser has been compared to having hot bacon grease dripped on your arm, or having a rubber band snapped repeatedly on your skin – from the moon.  Because of this, combined with the cost and the number of treatments for results, many people never finish their laser treatment plan.



The two processes have similar wait times between treatments, however when treatments number between two and five, and laser is usually a minimum of eight, obviously the wait time before being tattooed again is longer with laser treatment. Depending on the destruction of the dermis inherent with laser removal, a new tattoo or coverup in the same area may be more difficult or impossible.



  • 614 Tattoo Removal technicians are trained in consistent methodology under an exacting proprietary program.  This is key to repeatable and optimal results. 
  • Laser training varies considerably, as do its operators.  Companies who sell the equipment, new and used, generally offer training.  There are training schools, some thorough and expensive, some less so.  Used laser machines are available on e-bay for less than $1,000.  Laser treatment and outcomes differ substantially between each medical specialist and even more substantially from pop-up laser centers, or people who seized upon the have-laser-will-travel business opportunity, going from tattoo shop to tattoo shop providing removal.



Toxic inks:   There are no regulations mandating what can and can’t be in tattoo ink.  Even some good shops are not as selective as they could be, and many cheap shops use cheap products containing heavy metals for vibrant colors, toxins, plastics, and other unknown substances.  Reputable shops not only have better artists who prefer custom work, but these shops also care about the their clients and that includes the ink they put into them.  It’s normal for a quality shop to know the contents of the ink they use, often so clean it’s vegan-compliant.

The horror stories of people getting lasered and their skin blistering beyond the normal laser blistering, or peeling, or causing a hospital visit aren’t what you’ll hear from your friendly laser technician.  We hear them.  We hear them straight from the tattoo artists that learn them directly from clients.


614 Tattoo Removal typically maxes at five treatments for full removal, except in the cases such as very large tattoos.  A DES coverup, which is a coverup after partial, selective and precise removal, is usually only two to three treatments, and provides you and your artist with more coverup options.  Artists frequently comment on how people who don’t want laser, are willing to submit to any cover up.  A black rose.  A black box.  The night sky with stars and a dinosaur.  If that’s satisfactory, why are so many artists asked to coverup a coverup over a coverup?  Each traditional coverup must be darker than the one before.  Each coverup must be bigger than the one before.  Each coverup layers yet more ink into the skin until finally, you have what tattoo artists call a “black blob.”

Or the other extreme: a coverup completely unrealistic given the the existing tattoo.  Artists tell us that people often fail to realize their coverup is determined by what they have, not what they want.  You simply can’t put a yellow rose over the banner with your ex’s name.  At least not until Tatt2Away.  Because Tatt2Away isn’t color-centric, because Tatt2Away requires few treatments, and because Tatt2Away is precise and can selectively remove very specific areas of an existing tattoo, you can now put any tattoo you want over any tattoo you have.



The bottom line is this: laser takes more treatments to do less work.  It’s performed by technicians who have varying degrees of expertise on machines of differing age and effectiveness.  The pain is extreme, and while some facilitates offer a numbing agent, it won’t protect you from the pain of the heat blisters once the numbing agent wears off.  The ink does not leave your body, and if the ingredients are less than clean, or the chemical changes caused by bombarding ink with a laser makes them toxic, your system is forced to deal with it.  Eventually there may be consequences.

Whether you want to fully or partially remove your tattoo, Tatt2Away is economical, reliable, and works better than the alternatives.  Is the initial cost-per-treatment really the wisest way to make your decision?  Don’t be fooled by optimistic price quotes from laser clinics.  Consider the full cost to your bank account and your body.

And if you do decide on laser?  Our advice: get the number of treatments and total cost up front, in writing.