COSI "The Art Of Body Modification" an After Dark Experience in Columbus Ohio this January!

COSI  "The Art Of Body Modification"
an After Dark Experience!

Thursday, January 11th, 2024 / 7pm-10pm

Join us for “The Art Of Body Modification” a Cosi After Dark Event at @cosiscience (Center Of Science & Industry) here in Columbus Ohio on Thursday January 11th from 7pm-10pm.

It’s going to be a one night “After Dark” adult night event and we will be having a variety of tables where attendees can discover different aspects of tattooing and Body Modification from a variety of artists, historians and more. From Historical to modern tattooing machines, personal tattoo collections, tribal tattoo elements, body piercing, tattoo slideshows, tattoo flash, temporary tattoos, henna, tattoo models, movies, circus banners and woodcuts, tattoo drinks and more!

This is an exciting event at COSI  which is one of central Ohio’s largest downtown attractions. We’d love it if you'd join us, let’s celebrate tattooing and Body Modification together!  

We will not have live tattooing or piercing at the art of body modification event at Cosi. The art of body modification after dark event is an evening evening to celebrate body modifications in all forms. If you want to witness live tattooing be sure to check out the upcoming @hell_city Tattoo Festival at the Hyatt Regency downtown Columbus, Ohio this May 17th through the 19th!

 Tickets for Cosi After Dark “The Art Of Body Modification” are available online now at


#cosi #cosiscience #cosiafterdark #ohiotattooers #columbustattooers

Tickets for Cosi After Dark “The Art Of Body Modification” are available online now at

#cosi #cosiscience #cosiafterdark #ohiotattooers #columbustattooers



Ohio Tattoo Museum

Hell City Tattoo Fest

Evolved - Tribal styles

Pretty In Ink - PMU

Nipple Fairy - Nipple restoration

Henna Tattoo Art

Temporary Tattoos

Wicked Fast Aftercare

Patrick McGrath - Piercing

Dana Brunson - Ohio Tattoo Legend

Ball Pen Cartridge Art 

Tattoo Machines Display

1800's Victorian Flash Display

Ohio Tattoo Legends Displays

Market Vendors

OC CreationsAlecia's Kitchen Witchery

Conjure Dust Designs

Crescent Rose Pottery


Hannah Horror

Crystal Kat

Gnarly Neal

Beardo's Curiosities

The Cuddle Cult

Live Bands

7:15 – 7:40 To Kill A Monster

7:50 – 8:15 Red Velvet Letdown

8:25 – 8:50 Silent Home

9:00 – 9:25 Never Summer

9:35 – 10:00 Liquid6Teen


Live Tattoo Models showcasing large bodies of work they wear!
Stoney Knows How movie playing all evening in the theater.
Hell City Documentary playing all evening.
Jon Tuazon Hell City Tattoo Festival videography.
Custom Tattoo Drinks.
Foam Core Columbus Tattooer History Displays.
Hands on tattooing machines and tattoo art projects.