Frequently Asked Questions

To set an appointment with an artist, be sure to email them directly through their page.


How do I set an appointment?

If you’d like to set up an appointment with a RedTree tattoo artist, simply select which artist you’d like to get tattooed by and send them a detailed email with your name and what you would like to get tattooed on you. Please be sure to fill out all info as well as giving the tattoo artist a full description of your ideas for your new tattoo.


Why is RedTree a “private” tattoo studio?

RedTree Tattoo Gallery is a private, appointment only tattoo studio located in the Italian Village Arts District in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Redtree has a very relaxed and personal atmosphere for both the tattoo artist and the client. The private studio allows RedTree tattoo artists to really focus on each and every tattoo with no interruptions or distractions, giving each client the artists full attention to the new tattoo.


Is RedTree an all disposable tattoo studio?

Yes, RedTree Tattoo Gallery is an all disposable, single service tattoo studio that prides itself on it’s sterile atmosphere and attention to cleanliness. Each client gets a new needle, tube, inks and entire setup which gives the artist and client the most sterile setup one can have. Because RedTree is and entirely disposable studio there is no need for an outdated dirty sterilization room, rather any and all items that touch a client are completely disposed of and removed from the studio, guaranteeing that there is no dirty instruments inside RedTree Tattoo Gallery.


I have my own drawing… Will RedTree tattoo it?

Redtree has many clients that get their own designs tattooed on them. Getting your own design tattooed on you or incorporated into a custom tattoo is no problem at all. You will simply want to mention this to your RedTree tattoo artist as well as attaching any images to show the artist.



Hyatt Regency Downtown – Cols., OH * 1/4 mile from studio
Located in the downtown Arts District
350 North High St.,
Columbus, OH 43215

RedTree Tattoo Gallery
1002 N 4th St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201

  • Private Studio & Art Gallery
  • By Appointment Only
  • Consultations Required
  • No Walkins
  • Must be 18+ Years Old
  • No Children under 10
  • No Drugs or Alcohol permitted