Marty Holcomb

Marty Holcomb

Marty Holcomb is a legendary tattoo artist and painter with over 45 years in the professional tattooing business, Marty Holcomb has done thousands of custom designed tattoos, and has won numerous awards for his art and tattooing. He is an accomplished painter and designer as well as a world renowned tattoo artist. In 2001, his book "Silent Symphony - The Art Of Marty Holcomb," was published, showcasing his incredible paintings. Over 7 years he has designed approximately 15,000 tattoo designs, most of which are in publication and distributed worldwide through various companies.

He is currently tattooing in Columbus, Ohio at RedTree Tattoo Gallery! Marty's original art such as paintings, drawings, and even original flash designs (not copies) can be purchased through his website!

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