Guest Artist Guidelines & Info

We are honored to have you as a guest artist at RedTree Tattoo Gallery. We anticipate your stay will be productive, fun and relaxing at the same time. We would like to do our best to make your stay convenient and relaxing!

 RedTree Tattoo Gallery is an all disposable, appointment only, Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. RedTree is located in Italian Village, just outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio at 1002 N 4th St. Columbus, Ohio 43201. Red Tree features world-class tattoo artists and various guest artists that travel through.


Legalities Before Your Stay
Please send copies of your License, BBP, and CPR certifications. These are required by our local health department for every artist. Email certificates to or snail mail to:

RedTree Gallery
904 N. 22nd St.
Columbus, Ohio


During Your Stay - Please abide by the following rules
Your guest station will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before

your arrival. Ample storage is provided for any supplies needed for all

procedures, we ask that you keep all setup clutter to a minimum.

At no time should anything be kept on the floor (gloves, inks, tubes,

etc.) Only bottoms of feet, chairs, and travel case are allowed on

floors. RedTree is exclusively disposable and we do not use a

autoclave or ultrasonic set up. We made this decision to remove

any possibility of cross contamination and to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. The shop has True Tube Steel Tip Disposable Tubes on hand

for guests to use if they do not regularly have disposables in their supplies.


After each tattoo, your station must be thoroughly cleaned and

disinfected as well as any equipment or surfaces used or that may

have been contaminated during any procedure. If you would like to

Any contaminated/bio-hazardous garbage must be thrown away into

the station or cleaning room trash receptacles ONLY.

We also encourage helpful advice from any artist about better maintaining a

cleaner working environment.


List of Supplies
To help your travel easier, we offer this comprehensive list of items supplied

to you during your stay at RedTree. It is unnecessary to bring

disposable items I.E (paper towels, polyback bibs, clipcord bags, etc) If you

have any questions about any of these items please feel free to contact us.

We essentially share our supplies with you, like:

  •     Bounty Paper Towels
  •     True Tubes Steel Tip Disposable Tubes if requested
  •     True Needles if requested
  •     Disinfectants: HB Wipes, Cavacide, Madacide
  •     Most all disposable items / NOT inks, machines, etc.


If you have any special requests before your arrival to RedTree Tattoo Gallery,

be it supplies, accommodations, etc. feel free to call or drop us an email and

we will do our best to provide you with that request within our means.


Percentage %
Guest artists are asked to compensate 30% of earnings from guest spot upon completion of all appointments. Guest artists receive 10% off all True Tattoo Supplies while visiting.


Rules of Cross Contamination
As responsible members of the tattoo community we expect that you will

follow all rules set forth in reducing the risk of infection to anyone in or

around the tattoo shop, and by using these rules of cross contamination

make the shop a safe place for everyone to work. At no time should any

artist have to guess if any surface has been properly cleaned and sterilized


Visit if you do not have your blood borne pathogens

certification. They provide an online course for $20.00.


Booking Appointments
Red Tree Tattoo Gallery is located at 904 N. 22nd St. Columbus, Ohio.


Book Your Own Appointments
We understand that not all artists have the same type of clientele or the same draw. We want you to be as booked as you’d like to be for the duration of your stay here. If you would like to book clients from the area, we would be more than happy to promote through our social network to drive possible clients your way. Per the board of health all tattoo clients must have a government issued ID to get tattooed. Please book your own appointments, please make sure your clients are aware of this.


We will do our best to promote your guest spot at RedTree. However we cannot ever guarantee that you will be consistently busy with walk-ins alone, so to generate more clients for you we need help from you to facilitate this. We will also be sure to share any social network posts that we are tagged in or hash tagged in, this will be seen by over 20,000 of our followers on our various social networks.


Send plenty of web ready pictures of any work you would like to represent you on our social networks prior to your stay with us to

Also, be sure to contact anyone near Columbus whom may be a client of yours to inform them of your guest spot, reminding them of the convenience of proximity.


Lodging Near RedTree Tattoo Gallery

 Hyatt Regency Downtown


Drury – connected to Hyatt


Red Roof Inn


Flying into Columbus - CMH
If you are flying into Columbus (CMH) make sure to fly into. More often then not we are able to pick people up, but you can also arrange a cheap taxi for yourself. Just step outside and jump in a cab. Be sure to visit:


Food & Entertainment Near RedTree Gallery
Nearly all the restaurants have veggie and vegan alternatives, but don’t

worry meat eaters, there is plenty of good flesh to consume too!


  •     Columbus Museum of Contemporary Art
  •     Arena Grand District
  •     Short North Arts District
  •     Ohio State Campus
  •     Cosi


Don’t forget to read to the document below & fill out the guest questionnaire

and return it to us! We look forward to having you and don’t hesitate to ask

any questions!


Any further questions, contact Durb Morrison @