RedTree Tattoo Gallery is hiring a new experienced, custom tattoo artists at RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio! If you’re looking to work in a beautiful private, appointment only studio and art gallery located in the downtown expanding Columbus Water Tower District, this is the place. RedTree Tattoo Gallery is a private, appointment only tattoo studio and fine art gallery that allows the artists to focus on their work without the everyday distractions of a street shop.

Each RedTree artist has the freedom to choose the tattoos that interest them, therefore allowing them to grow in the artistic direction they choose. RedTree Tattoo Gallery allows the artists to tattoo with little to no interruptions, therefore they are able to further focus more intently on their tattooing! This environment also allows the artists to direct their clientele in the exact artistic direction they want, therefore freeing up time to focus only on the styles and artwork that they wish to specialize in, focus on and excel at. 

  • Make your own hours
  • Affordable chair rental, make as much as you want
  • Inspiring artistic crew to work with
  • Access to discounted tattoo products
  • Own personal booth with amenities like chair, armrest etc.
  • Be a part of an art and tattoo community
  • Additional promotion through RedTree networks

Artists that work at RedTree Tattoo Gallery have the luxury of choosing their own tattooing hours and have the freedom to manage, book and grow their own clientele. Each artist is provided with a full workstation, nice client and artist chairs, lamps, True Grips, a personal listing on the RedTree Tattoo website as well as free booth space in the RedTree artist booth at all Hell City Tattoo Festivals. Booth rental fees will be discussed at a later time, this shop does not operate on a percentage scale but a monthly flat rate.. If you're interested, please email for submissions, inquiries and details! 

Please apply via email with the following info:

  • Name:
  • Website:
  • Tattoo and also Art portfolio links:
  • Short bio about your career and experience:
  • Why do you want to work at RedTree?
  • References


Be sure to visit the RedTree Tattoo Gallery website for more Info, artist portfolios, photos of the shop at