Fawn Baker

Fawn Baker
Fawn is a resident artist at RedTree Tattoo Gallery that has been tattooing since 2008! Fawn  Baker is a talented artist on the skin and off where she is incredibly versatile with her tattooing and also her art on canvas and paper. Her painterly style uses natural tones of color to create an incredible look to her tattoos on the skin which give the viewer a sense of "hiking on the skin" with a unique palette of colors. Fawn is a very versatile tattoo artist with the ability to excel in both black and gray tattooing and full color tattooing, from traditional to realism. When Fawn is not working hard on her tattoo projects, you can find her focused on a painting or free handing one of her amazing tattoos on to her next client that's in her chair.

For the time being, Fawn will be passing on most smaller scale ideas, and cover-ups. If you follow Fawn's social media, she will announce these days weeks ahead of time. For the next several months Fawn will be focusing on large scale, custom projects only. She's looking to build more nature based scenery, abstract bio organic, or ornamental ideas in the new tattoos that she's making. 

Fawn currently charge $200 hourly, but for most large pieces, she prefers to charge flat session rates of $800 for a half day or she charges $1500 per day. Please be prepared for 6+ hours (of actual tattoo time) for each session.

She require a $500 deposit, which will be held until the final session.

Please have your deposit ready at our consultation.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas in person, please click the button below and fill out my form.

To Book an Appointment with Fawn Baker Visit Her WEBSITE HERE

Fawn accepts Cash and Card for forms of payment

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Aftercare instructions HERE & get what you need HERE